A benefit for the environment

It is our belief that rare and expensive resources shouldn’t go to waste.

The recycling of used catalytic converters and renewed usage of the precious metals is economically sensible and good for the environment. Platinum and palladium are perfect examples for this dual benefit concept. Both are primarily used for the production of car catalysts and can be recycled to both conserve resources and protect the environment.

The precious metals at the heart of every exhaust cleaner are considered the most valuable in the world. A mere 170 tons of platinum and 200 tons of palladium are mined as primary resources every year. Close to 10 tons of ore and huge quantities of energy are required to produce a troy ounce worth of high-grade platinum. ReMetall Deutschland gains that amount of material from about 20 Kilograms of used catalysts.

Through the re-usage of the material we reduce the amount of waste and prevent the entry of toxic substances into the environment. Moreover the usage of secondary resources provides supply security, saves energy and reduces emissions.

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