If you are looking for an honest and fair recycling partner for your used catalytic converters or other precious metal materials, you have come to the right place. Starting with our consultancy service, over material acquisition, right to accounting and processing, we offer transparent procedures and reliable services. To that end we employ highly experienced, qualified staff and effective technology.

We buy vehicle catalysts on metal as well as ceramic basis, industry catalysts, diesel particulate filters and lambda probes as well as other precious metal materials.
Value assessment
There are more than 10.000 different catalyst types in the automotive industry alone. The value assessment is carried out either through our extensive data base or a lab analysis.
Instant Payment
If requested you can take your money immediately upon delivery of the material. Payment is made immediately following our experts’ value assessment.
Besides the complete processing we offer several toll processing options for your material; be it monoliths, ground monolith or metal catalysts.
We understand our business; know the market as well as the wishes and questions of our customers. We are happy to share our knowledge and advise you in all matters of precious metal recycling and value analysis.