We’ll get the best out of your used catalytic converters

Used catalytic converters contain an array of highly rare and valuable precious metals, like platinum, rhodium and palladium; one of the numerous reasons for their reintroduction into the resource cycle.

The ReMetall Deutschland AG will be your competent, reliable recycling partner in the processing of precious metal materials. We acquire collect used catalytic converters from all continents, pay fair prices and extract the precious metals with thorough care and diligence. Our very own patented and highly effective recycling- method, enables us to achieve exceptional recovery quotas in both catalytic converters on metal- as well as ceramic basis.

The precious metal content and as such the value of your material is determined through the highly accurate measurement procedure of our in-house laboratory. The entire evaluation process is carried out with the upmost transparency and is open for inspections of qualitative reassurance on your part at all times, for this after all is a matter concerning your profit.

Entrust us with your material. We’ll get the best out of it!

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We buy used catalytic converters and other precious metal materials.


Expeditious and accurate value assessment through our extensive data base or lab analysis.

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Immediate payment upon reception of your shipment.


We cut your catalytic converters and grind the monoliths.


Maintain ownership of your metals or sell at current market price.

Consulting Services

We advise you in all value assessment matters and, upon prior request, offer access to our data base.

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